james blair high school
Class of 1960
williamsburg, james city county,  virginia
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Several of you asked at our reunion about Iris Berket, Tom Batchelder , Bob Hengst and Barbara Spangler. Here is  the update on them: 6/26/2015

Iris married Jerry Bracey ( JayBee - class of 1958 ) and they lived in Northern Va until seven years ago when they moved to Wash State. Jerry died 6 years ago. Iris worked in a library and is retired. She plans to sell her  home soon and  move to Houston , Texas to be near her daughter.  phone 360-379-0133

Tom has retired and lives with his wife in Oakland, California. He has five children and two stepchildren. He plans to come East in Oct. to visit with classmates at VMI and then on to Williamsburg to move his mother's  furniture out of her house ( his mother died  last year ) which he and his sister  rent . phone 510-567-9953

Bob retired after a career as a US Customs Officer in Florida. They moved to Western NC and live in Laurel Park, NC near Ashville.  Bob sold real estate for several years after retiring. He has a daughter In Lynchburg, Va. and one in Hollywood , California. Phone 828-697-8897

Barbara married a doctor and now lives in Phoeniz , Arizona  She currently has major health problems with her back and is unable to sit for a long period which makes it impossible to fly or drive back to Virginia for our reunions . She remains very close to Coach Patton and his wife Mary and communicates with them monthly (she used to babysit Coach and Mary's  children) .