I've been married to Ed for 36 years, together we raised 4 daughters - we now have 8 grand children and 6 great grandchildren.  I retired from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science in June of 2008 and am really enjoying retirement.  Ed still worked two days a week at Kingsmill. 

Before I retired people would say, once you retire you won't know how you found time to work and I now find that this statement is so true. 

We have a grandson who joined the Navy and sometime the first part of June he will be assigned to the Air Wing on the USS George Washington and will be stationed in Japan for at least three years.  One of our granddaughters is married to a young man in the Air Force and they will be leaving in August for a two year tour in Turkey. 

Time has really flown by and I am lucky to say that Ed and I both have our health.   I’m so looking forward to our 50th Reunion.

Barbara Vaughn West