Following high school, I got a BS from RPI (VCU) and then worked for the IBM Corporation for three years living in Virginia Beach.   I married Cliff Northon and we lived in Mobile for three years where I got a Masters Degree from the University of South Alabama.  My husband was a native of New Orleans and we lived in that area for until his death in 2005.  We raised two sons there.  I began classes in art under June Lampe’ of Lampe’ Gallery and have continued to relish this hobby.  I also enjoy writing but have had only a few small articles actually published.

    Another interest I developed was studying under a medium, Mary Jo McCabe, for six years with her guides teaching classes concerning what’s important in life and our connection with the other side.

    After Katrina flooded my home in 2005 and I got through that nightmare, I decided to move back to Virginia.  It was a good choice as Ray Wright and I married, and we are now enjoying retirement, traveling, and living a relaxed lifestyle together in Glen Allen.  He is definitely my “Mr. Right.”